26-27 October 2019
Banyu Meneng Beach
South Malang

It's a Wrap!!!
Thank you Moksha People for being an inspiration to us all!
Save your own story and see you on the next journey!

About Mokshfeast

The urban art festivals carried out in an open space, which puts forward an environmentally friendly message as self-enlightenment to more positive direction.

A journey of love

Love Is Verb!

"When love beckons to you, follow him, though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings enfold you yield to him, though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you."
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Love is something we must do at any time without denial! To give or do the best when we dare to express it. Without love, anything will feel empty. Even when we already have a life journey plan that we have made before. With love, all the answers to the questions will sublimate by themselves at the right time. Although sometimes it sounds illogical.

Mokshfeast for us is a journey of love. The choices we take consciously, wholeheartedly, out of love. Why? Because life is a choice. And when love reigns, believe it… we will give or do our best.

Love is a verb not an adjective. Unfortunately not everyone is aware that love is a verb. They think love is a trait that will appear naturally and remain at all times. Mokshfeast teaches us in a journey about learning the process of selfless love.

The choice to voluntarily follow Mokshfeast, towards a place that we don’t know where, is a form of love. The absolute trust in the organizers that whatever comes up at Mokshfeast is the best given to #mokshapeople. That belief raises hope. And hope always fosters patience.

Not an easy route to arrive at Mokshfeast location. But nobody broke and turned to go home before reaching the destination. When telecommunication signals become a rare item, patience to break away from a gadget, like it or not, sincerity is not sincere to do, no one protests. The intrinsic acceptance of the limitations that exist, provides space for oneself to record new experiences. Open your mind and heart for new things, sincerely in the name of love.

New Spell For Urbanites

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"Finally, #mokshapeople is free to spell the beauty of nature, even explore the wisdom of its local culture. They can also interpret their own relationship with nature, seeking the deepest awareness that nature is a never been exhumed source of knowledge and happiness. Indeed, the Mokshfeast spell was able to make everyone fall in love at that time."

let's start your journey!


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