Departing from the first success of Mokshfeast, this year Mokshfeast was held again. This year Mokshfeast only invited 500 people to take part. Carrying the concept of “mokshadelic”, this year’s Mokshfeast will be held on 26-27 October 2019 at the same venue which is the Banyu Meneng beach in Malang Regency.

mokshfeast 2019 e-flyer

A little leak, this year Mokshfeast will involve more art installers, environmental activists, local and national musicians as well as more explorative nature activities. Participants will also be invited to take real action on the environment, one of them is “plastic diet” campaign.

Organizers will be very strict about all uses of plastic goods in order to maintain environmental balance, especially when in the venue. For stomach matters, such as the first Mokshfeast, the organizer will exploit local specialties and drinks.

mokshfeast 2019 venue layout

This year, Mokshfeast will also increase healing activities such as yoga and hypnoteraphy sessions in addition to music sessions that will be held until early morning. While recreational activities such as jungle track will still be a special menu for participants. The tents provided also adopt the glamcamp concept, which is much more comfortable and safer to rest. (*)

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