A few days ago, a friend from a national media suddenly contacted us. He asked for a script about Mokshfeast. I don’t know where he got this information about Mokshfeast.

To be sure, since we launched the Mokhsfeast website, there were many responses. Starting from supporting statements to about booking tickets. The manuscript that we sent to our friend, contained an overview of Mokshfeast, the implementation of Mokshfeast in the first year until the Mokshfeast plan for 2019.

Mokshfeast “Discover The Hidden Land” (2017)

2017 is a special year for East Java in particular. Because, in the land of a thousand waves, for the first time an urban festival was born. More than 500 participants dissolved in the warmth of nature.

This festival is titled Mokshfeast. An event of art and culture festival that carries the philosophy of moksha. In Hindu terminology, moksha means the union of humans with nature. It was this spirit that Mokshfeast wanted to bring to the event, which was held for the first time at the Banyu Meneng beach in Malang Regency on 28-29 October 2017.

Under the management of Moksha Indonesia, Mokshfeast may be the only event in Indonesia that combines music, art and natural adventure in a festival package. This uniqueness has made more than 500 participants excited to join and enjoy new experiences fused with nature.

Mokshfeast was inspired by the concept of Electric Forest which was held in Michigan, United States and Wonderfruit that held in Pattaya, Thailand. These two prestigious events later became our breath (Mokshfeast).

Managing Director of Moksha Indonesia, Wawan Speaking.

According to Wawan Speaking, participants seemed to be able to feel at Electric Forest and enjoy Wonderfruit’s arts and culture festival in an event package. Therefore, this event has become so unique and may be the only one in Indonesia.

Mokshfeast even managed to collaborate with reliable artists to create beautiful art spaces that were actualized in installation art at the venues and stage. Vocalist of the band Navicula and environmental activist, Robi also shared ideas and experiences about nature conservation in a sharing session.

Not only that, one of the winning bands in the “Rock in Battle” competition, Equaliz also took part in the stage of Mokshfeast’s music. There are also indie bands, Atlesta and Wake Up Irish! which are also the music line up.

Late at night, EDM music came through the creative hand of finalists from The Remix Net TV, DJ Kenny Gabriel. Also present was DJ Halim Ardie, a US-born DJ who fell in love with Indonesia. The night was closed by the only Colombian female DJ in this event, DJ Claudia Jaramilla.

Visiting “Beautiful Angels”

After a night of visitors sleeping in tents, in the morning, in addition to a yoga session and serving typical southern coast food (fish and processed seafood), Mokshfeast participants were also taken on an exciting trip to the Bidadari bay, which is west of Banyu Meneng.

Traveling for about an hour, participants can see firsthand the beauty of Bidadari bay, which is still very isolated and rarely touched by humans. During the trip, participants crossed the protected forest area which became the original habitat of Javanese Lutung and Javanese Eagle. Two species currently threatened with extinction due to hunting and changing forest functions.

Mokshfeast participants were deliberately brought to a natural journey to get to know and love nature more closely. An experience like this that might not be available at any festival event in Indonesia.

Mokshfeast 2019 The Untold Story

Departing from Mokshfeast’s first success, in 2019 Mokshfeast will be held again. The good news, this year Mokshfeast provides more tickets, which is for 1000 people. This addition is done to accommodate enthusiastic participants who did not get tickets in 2017.

A little leak, this year Mokshfeast will involve more art installers, environmental activists, local and national musicians and more explorative natural activities. Visitors will also be invited to take real action on the environment, one of them is the “zero plastic” campaign.

The organizer will be very strict on all uses of plastic goods in order to maintain environmental balance, especially when in the venue. For stomach business, like the first Mokshfeast, organizers will exploit local food and beverages.

This year Mokshfeast will also increase healing session activities such as yoga and hypnoteraphy. While recreational activities such as jungle tracks, sea tracks will still be a special menu for participants. The tent provided also adopted the concept of glam camp which was far more comfortable and safe for rest.

Yes, we’re open for pre sale tickets!!! Limited for 1000 #mokshapeople. Secure your tickets before presale session close! Book your ticket now: Mokshfeast Pre Sale Tickets.

Eight Recommended Venue

Regarding the venue, this year the organizers wanted to involve the audience to vote for places recommended as venues. There are eight recommended venues. Starting from the forest to the beach atmosphere. These venues are the result of an eight-day exploration of Mokshfeast Discover Team and a total of 1225 KM of travel.

So, don’t miss to get involved directly and vote for your favorite venue. You can access the venues on the homepage of Mokshfeast website (mokshfeast.straight-line.org) and you can vote, the only requirement is to register and login first.

Information related to the schedule, facilities and ticket prices will continue to be updated personally through this Mokshfeast website and of course also via email. So don’t let you not submit email (subscribe). Remember, only 1000 people can attend the Mokshfeast event this year!


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